About us

King’s Lynn is a large market town in West Norfolk with a rich heritage.

The development of large out of town shopping areas, in addition to the recession and changes in shopping habits, have resulted in a decline in trading performance within the town centre.

Determined to fight back, representatives from the local Town Centre Partnership, made up of organisations within the town centre, investigated a number of ways to ensure that King’s Lynn remains competitive and that money is spent on projects and services which generate a positive return for the businesses within the historic town centre.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have proven to be successful in reversing the decline of town centres by giving funding and power to make decisions to the businesses within them.

A steering group made up of representatives from businesses within the area was then formed to progress the BID.

The steering group has been responsible for promoting and developing the BID through consultation with all businesses and the production of project proposals upon which businesses will vote.

The projects and activities have been developed from feedback gathered from the BID business surveys, face-to-face meetings and open and sector specific meetings.