Emergency First Aid at Work – 2018

12th April 2018


This one-day course will help you meet your regulatory requirements if your risk assessment indicates that first aid training covering emergency protocols only, is sufficient for your workplace.
Who should attend?
This course is designed for people who want to receive training in emergency first aid and is especially suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments.
What you will learn?
The content of this course provides basic life saving first aid and workplace health and safety regulations, covering the following:
The role of the first aider
Health and safety (first aid) regulations
Managing an emergency
Resuscitation (adult CPR)
Communication and casualty care
Seizures (adult)
Bleeding (minor and severe)
Unresponsive casualty
Choking (adult)
Defibrillator pad placement
Defibrillator prompts and how to respond
Spaces are £20 and limited to two per business.
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Counter Terrorism Awareness Training

18th May 10am / 1pm


This session is designed to:

Help understand the threat from terrorism to the UK
Guide individuals on what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident or event that leads up to a planned attack
Enable people to recognise and report suspicious activity
Guide to identifying and dealing with suspicious items
Increase public and staff awareness of how best to reduce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities.
Introduction to Counter Terrorism – What CTSA/CTAA do, and how we fit into the CT network.
Current threat – This is an up to date picture of the current threat, emerging trends.
Identifying and responding to suspicious behaviour.
Identifying and responding to suspicious items – BOMBS/IEDs.
Stay Safe – weapons and firearms attack advice.
It also covers bomb threats and has a module on drones.

The events are presented by trained police advisors delivering a range of CT awareness modules.
This is a National Counter Terrorism awareness product, produced by NaCTSO National Counter Terrorism Security Office. It is aimed at a wide variety of sector. It is suitable for all levels of position, particularly security and management.

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