A BID offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference to your trading environment. BIDs provide many benefits for local businesses and for other parts of the community as shown below:

Businesses / Property Owners

    • Increases footfall
    • Increases consumer spend and sales
    • Reduces costs (crime reduction, joint activities, e.g. promotion and marketing)
    • Is flexible to address the issues of individual sectors
    • Gives businesses a local voice
    • Creates a more appealing environment for employees
    • Gives equal involvement and benefits to all businesses
    • Fair system; those that invest benefit – no freeloading
    • Can decide and vote for action before making the investment
    • Can control the process and monitor results

The Landlord

    • Assists capital value growth
    • Increases an area’s desirability and attracts occupiers
    • Good PR for company locally and regionally
    • Forges positive links with the local council

The Community

    • Promotes economic well-being and growth
    • Attracts inward investment
    • Helps our competitiveness within the region
    • Develops partnership between the private and public sectors
    • Provides sustainable investment for ongoing projects and services
    • Creates a positive sense of place and enhanced feeling of safety and wellbeing

Local Authorities

    • Harnesses private sector management / organisational drive and skills
    • Promotes greater understanding of the role of local authorities
    • Provides an effective means of liaising with the business community