Changing of the Season – Megan Nurse, Bridget’s Flowers

Megan Nurse of Bridget’s Flowers tells us about her love for Autumnal flowers.

I love this time of year… the variety of flowers we are able to source is great and best of all the majority of flowers in our little flower shop at the moment are all locally sourced.

Supporting local is not as common as it once has been but with your help we are still going strong and excited that the seasons are now changing…. it will soon be Christmas!

So I hear you ask, “all local?” How on earth is that possible and what flowers are they talking about? Well, I am currently sitting in my little office and looking at the gorgeous view of all fresh local flowers which arrived here in the shop this morning… hydrangeas (my favourite), lilies, astas, alstroemeria, lissianthus, delphinium, agapanthus and gladioli what a gorgeous mixture.

Here at Bridget’s we are very well known for quality of both service and product. It is a known fact that buying local not only means they tend to be slightly cheaper which therefore means we can sell to you a little cheaper too but also the flowers have not been packed up and transported for days and days instead they are picked fresh only hours before we arrive for collection and brought back here to be used up within a couple of days this cycle is then repeated throughout the week ensuring we do not use flowers any older than a few days to maximise the life of your gorgeous floral creations.

We are very excited as next up is the lovely brassica a flower which is strangely enough part of the cabbage family. Another long lasting and hardy flower available locally from the end of October onwards. The wait is almost over!

For more information on our local growers and local flowers contact the shop today and speak to anyone of our friendly and helpful team. 01553 771089.

Established in 1983, Bridget’s Flowers is a small, family-run business located in King’s Lynn town centre. Their vision is to stand out from the rest and offer a service which guarantees the flowers you’ve dreamed of, whatever your budget.

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