Fire and Ice: Works by Gina Glover and Jessica Rayner – Groundwork Gallery

Featuring images of industrial intrusions into wild nature, melting ice-caps, and burning biofuels. It tackles tough subjects to do with the over use of energy and the stress it is causing to the environment. But while there are tensions around the subjects, they are visualised through beautiful work in photography, installation, film and drawing by Gina Glover and Jessica Rayner. Following GroundWork Gallery’s emphasis on connections between art and environment, the exhibition is intended to be thought-provoking, leading, we hope, to a greater sharing of ideas between the art and science communities around climate change and energy futures.


Fire and Ice is the latest exhibition hosted by Purfleet Street based Groundwork Gallery.

Gina Glover and Jessica Rayner are artists who explore the melting, changing, landscapes of climate change. Gina Glover is a photographer with a long-term interest in environments affected by human conflict and economic development. Jessica Rayner uses the illusion of film, light and mirrors to make dramatic installations about sources of energy in nature. Underlying their beautiful images are the stories of the stresses to the environment caused by over demanding uses of energy.

The artists who are mother and daughter, have developed complementary images in film and photography, and shared a dramatic exhibition project in 2014, The Metabolic Landscape.

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Fire and Ice runs from 14 October – 16 December 2017

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