To create a vibrant town we can all be proud of, where businesses prosper, our communities thrive and for visitors a true destination of choice.

King’s Lynn is a town of which we can all be justly proud. We’re lucky enough to live in the shadow of a fascinating history stretching back many centuries. King’s Lynn’s businesses all want the town to continue to prosper in the future, just as it has for many years previously. To do this we have to look forward and not just rest on our successful past.

With new retail parks being developed on the edge of town, now is the time to stand up and shout loud for the town centre.

We must accept that change is inevitable, that we live in a society in which the convenience of one-stop and on-line shopping increasingly appeals and so we have to look for new ways to promote visits to our town centre. We have to be proactive; we have to positively encourage people to visit, and then to spend money, in the town centre.

The work of the proposed Business Improvement District will focus on achieving this. The whole experience of visiting King’s Lynn needs to be transformed to attract more people and then to encourage them to stay for longer… whether they be local to the area or tourists. To do this we have to change the emphasis from ‘shopping’ to ‘experience’. In that way we can offer new business opportunities and increase the spend of our visitors.

This change won’t be easy or come overnight. But it is essential. Over time, as other smaller market towns with a fantastic history have done, our vision is to make King’s Lynn a true ‘destination of choice’ , where visitors have a pleasant, interesting and memorable experience. Then, they will not only come back again, but tell their neighbours and friends what a fantastic, vibrant and friendly place King’s Lynn really is.