TrashArt – Jan Eric Visser Exhibition – Groundwork Gallery


TrashArt works in sculpture and assemblage by Jan Eric Visser.

GroundWork’s spring-season exhibition features the work of Jan Eric Visser. Based in Rotterdam, Visser is an artist deeply concerned about depletion of the earth’s resources. Plus: Upstairs at GroundWork includes works about waste, landfill, plastics by Henry/Bragg and Gina Glover, and lots of jewellery.

Jan Eric Visser is an artist who sees the value and potential beauty in the waste from his household. Once it has served its original purpose, all the paper and card, plastic packaging and local newsprint which comes in through the front door, becomes transformed in his studio into sculptural forms.

TrashArt shows at Groundwork Gallery on Purfleet Street from 10 March – 2 June.

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