Active Life Physiotherapy Centre

King's Lynn Fireworks

Active Life Physiotherapy Centre has been established in King’s Lynn now for many years, over 25 to be precise. In that time our Physiotherapists have dealt with all sorts of conditions from builders with back pain, office workers with neck pain, athletes/weekend warriors with pulled muscles, sprained ligaments or damaged tendons, to the wear and tear, the muscular imbalances of weak bits and tight bits, and those stiff niggly joints that develop through our poor postural habits and the strains and routines of normal day to day life.

We have a huge armoury of treatments to combat these conditions which are tailored to each person’s individual problem. In broad terms our treatments include mobilisation and manipulation techniques, soft tissue massage/mobilisation techniques, acupuncture, exercise therapy/rehabilitation, biomechanical assessment and orthotic therapy.

We employ both male and female physiotherapists and are open Monday to Saturday with evening appointments available on selected days.