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What others had to say:

"King's Lynn is a "can do" town and we should all be proud of it. It is a place I am so pleased to call home and operate the business from. Discover King's Lynn (BID) can only be a positive thing, bringing more change and growth with town centre businesses and of course visitors reaping the benefits. Let's embrace this and use it for the advantage of us all. Our relatively small operation in comparison to some employers in the town are BIG supporters, let more people discover King's Lynn!


Alan Taylor, Managing Director, Your Local Paper

There aren’t many towns that can boast over 800 years of illustrious history, superb transport connections into three large counties, an extensive catchment area, beautiful buildings and heritage and a busy pedestrian-only town centre. Let’s make sure King’s Lynn’s future has as much to shout about. Together we can make it a better place for generations to come

Nick Curtis, Partner of Maze Media

I’m absolutely delighted on the Yes vote outcome this time around! King’s Lynn is a truly wonderful town, full of great businesses and now we will have more funds and be able to attract more people to visit all year round. You just need to look at Bury St Edmund’s to see all the improvements they have made since their successful BID vote

Lucy Golding, Owner of Market Bistro

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